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01 August 2020

Parents Seminar

We are urgently appealing for donated smartphones for our school children.

Like so many countries across the world affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, schools in the Philippines have closed. It is uncertain when they will reopen however school children are encouraged to continue their studies online.

Providing a secure and hopeful future of our beneficiary-students is paramount. Therefore, to ensure that the children supported by our education programmes (as well as the wider community) are able to study online, we are seeking donations of up to 1,500 smartphones and tablets.

Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and being part of the school system provides our students not only with knowledge and a support group but most important of all, hope for the future.

We are all feeling anxious at the moment, especially the school children. When the Department of Education announced that online learning would be the main source of education in the Philippines, we received concerning messages from families and children asking how they will be able to continue school without the technology or access to online learning.

Our team in Manila is currently seeking donations of used Apple and Android mobile/ cell phones and tablets that can connect to the internet; OR cash donations so they can purchase reconditioned smartphones in Manila.

How to donate

There are two ways to support our Phones for Futures appeal.

1. Donate an used Apple or smartphone or tablet

We can accept Apple or Android mobile/ cell phones and tablets** (Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, I Phone etc) that can connect to the internet. Please ensure they are unlocked with 3gb ram - Android 8 or higher with 32 to 64 gb storage.

Please include the charging leads and remove your SIM card, (we suggest that the phone/ tablet is reset to factory settings and personal information is removed).

Donors are advised to pack the phone/tablet in bubble wrap or newspaper. We recommend either using a courier service, or collect a number of tablets and phones.

For further information call Marcel on:
0917 310 6527
and we can arrange collection.

2. Cash donations

Through cash donations, our Upskills + team in Manila can purchase reconditioned and recycled Android phones for approximately PHP 4,000 each (equivalent to approximately GBP£ 50 / USD$ 60 / AUD$ 93 / SGD$ 85 / MYR 270). Cash donations can be made via:

Downloadable Resources

Belt Bag RP 121 LA SM


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