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About Us

About Upskills

We love the families we serve, we see their spirit and desire for change, we love their "can do" attitude and willingness to learn.

We listen to the community and its leaders to tell us what they really need.

We work together, a partnership not a dictatorship, we design, create and implement together, poverty reduction programs to bring the changes that they want to see in their own lives.

We want to help families make lasting changes that don’t need our ongoing support..

We respect the planet by working together with communities to end harmful practices and have adopted a reduce, reuse and recycle approach in all our programs especially the livelihood programs.


Our Mission

To work with communities, families and individuals who are informal settlers experiencing extreme poverty and high unemployment by developing together holistic and fully integrated services so they can change and upskill their own lives.

Our Goals

  • Providing livelihood training, facilities, skills training and development.
  • Employment and income generating projects.
  • Providing scholarship on education and sponsorship.
  • Providing health assistance, welfare, and emergency relief programs.
  • Establishing community-managed microenterprise.
  • Environment stewardship and advocacy.

Where and how we work

In the Philippines in Tondo, in barangays close to the infamous Smokey Mountain Dump Site.

Communities of families gather together, many living in make shift shanties without running water, sanitation or a stable electrical supply.

Many families are disenfranchised, unregistered for Government benefits, in debt, often unskilled and trapped in a cycle of poverty without the means to enjoy a better life.

We work with families and the wider community by building the capacity and resources of local people in such a way that they will be able to continue their efforts independently and sustainably in the future.



We are transparent and accountable. 100% ACCOUNTABILITY

Robust Governance
We maintain robust governance policies and procedures including regular internal and external audits to ensure this

Independently Audited
We publish independently audited accounts annually and encourage our supporters to ask us anything, anytime

Inspire for More
An attitude of learning and improving is ingrained in everything we do, from supporting training for all of our staff and volunteers to continuously developing our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning tools to measure our impact. We welcome feedback from all of our stakeholders so please never hesitate to get in touch.


Our People


Chief Executive Officer


Livelihoods & Community Development Manager


Livelihoods Supervisor


Finance and Monitoring Officer


Welfare Advisor


HR & ICB Advisor


Community Education & Mentoring Program Officer

Belt Bag RP 121 LA SM


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