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Father's Back to Work Program

The Father's Back to Work Program empowers men financially and socially so that they can better care for their family.

Fathers can access vocational courses in a range of construction skills. Men are grouped together to support one another during their training, funds are made available for training fees, meals and transport.

The Father Back To Work Program is supported by regular mentoring support, life skills training, values and training on employment skills and financial management, to ensure that they successfully transition to employment.


Mother's Livelihood Program

Mother’s are taught in our workshops how to make beautiful products using recycled materials. If they want to start their own business’s they are given enterprise, financial and marketing training.

The use of recycled materials ensures that minimum investment is needed and provides a cost effective solution enabling them to generate a profit and boost their family income. Their handcrafted products are sold both locally and overseas and at events. 100% of the profit from the sale of the goods goes back into our programs.

Education, Vocational, and College Scholarships

Community Education and Mentoring Program

Parents monthly income is at an all time low since the closure of the local dump site. There are a marked number of students dropping out of schools, many students are in their last few years of education and due to financial or family pressures have abandoned their studies.

We have developed a new concept to help students get back to school by training parent volunteers to mentor and support a groups of 20 -25 students who attend the same school to ensure they have the resources they need to complete their education. Students visit our center every day to collect their cooked packed lunch, while other students have their packed lunch delivered direct to their schools, ensuring that children do not go hungry while at school.


Employment Training Program

Students will learn how to write their resume, apply for jobs, learn interview techniques and apply for interview attire and transport assistance. This course is also open for adult learners


Community Kitchen

We use food as one of the foundations to change lives and strengthen the community. The kitchen is run predominantly by community volunteers, so we are able to produce high quality, high quantity food. The volunteers prepare and cook nutritious meals for hundreds of vulnerable children, seniors, pregnant and nursing mothers and home bound individuals


Community Health Program

We believe that all people have the right to receive health care. For the communities we serve, health care is a luxury that they cannot afford. Our clinic has partnered with local NGOS and together we deliver holistic high- quality, patient –centered health care for uninsured and low income families.

The clinic provides a strong advocacy program helping the community learn about healthy eating and training community volunteer health workers in basic first aid and health care so that they can care for their neighbors. Volunteer doctors, nurses and dentists generously donate their time to deliver vital services for the community, ensuring that funds are spent for diagnostic procedures and


Emergency Relief

We respond quickly to community disasters and calamities, these range from the provision of relief aid, providing meals, shelter to supporting families during the death of a loved one or the provision of repairs to decaying shanties.

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